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Hurricane Season Is Approaching

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Hurricane season is approaching and SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties is prepared to help with these storms that affect other areas. Here are some ways that you can be prepared if you are in the path of a hurricane.

Have An Emergency Kit: Keeping an emergency kit stocked with water, canned foods, non perishables, blankets and toys for children could be the difference between a disaster and an inconvenience. 

Gather Documents: Make sure you understand your insurance policies ahead of time to see what is covered and if flood insurance is available to you. Gather important documents such as insurance policies, IDs, birth certificates, deeds, or even sentimental documents and keep them in a fireproof and waterproof safe. 

Being Informed Is Important: Always know where to go and who to call in an emergency. An evacuation plan being in place in the event of a disaster will ensure that you know what to do in case your home is not the safest place to be during the storm. 

Protect Your Property: Try and protect your property as best as you can ahead of the storm by boarding up windows and moving items inside that are not anchored down.

Implementing some of these tips could help you minimize the risk of your property being a victim of the upcoming hurricane season.  SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties will be available to help with this storm season and help get your home back to normal. 

Realtors and Why You Should Choose SERVPRO of Conway and Faulkner Counties

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

Can we talk about the real estate market? Houses are selling faster than they can be listed. Multiple offers are being made to sellers and we are seeing interest rates drop to an all-time low. So, what a better time to have an edge with a reputation for having quality listings whether it be a commercial or a residential listing. SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties understands that you want to move a sale through quickly to get your commission. How your listing looks is everything to a potential buyer and we can assist in making that happen. It doesn’t matter what shape or situation your listing is in, the team at SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties can assist you in many different ways to make sure this sale is quick and the most profitable for you!  Our team can assist you in inspecting a crawl space/attic area for mold, water, or biohazard damage and fix this damage efficiently.  Our team can even assist in estate sales in the case of hoarder cleanouts with optional inventory itemization and cleaning services.   A SERVPRO  professional would be happy to attend your next sales meeting to discuss how to recognize the potential for mold and what to do in case of a fire or water emergency. Call us to schedule an inspection at 501-328-3301. 

Spring and Summer Commercial Cleaning Tips

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

This time of year is a great time to get some much needed cleaning done. Most people think of spring cleaning as only for residential homes, but our commercial spaces need it as well. A good cleaning helps to give workers a more open and less hectic environment; additionally, a clean and welcoming place of business helps to attract customers. Here is a list of some important areas to inspect during your deep cleaning cleaning:   


  • Windows

Windows are one of the simplest yet crucial areas to keep clean.  Beyond making sure you have squeaky clean windows, check to make sure they have tight seals. Checking the caulking and weather stripping to make sure it is intact can save you money in the long term. 

  • Landscaping

This is very important for the presentation of your business.  Now the grass, flowers, weeds and other plants are starting to grow, it’s important to start grooming your landscape.  Don’t wait till your plants get out of control, hire someone now or take some time yourself to pull the weeds, mow the grass, and trim any trees or bushes.  Additionally, this is a great time to plant some flowers if you want to spruce up your place of business. 


When converting your buildings air flow system from heating to air conditioning now is the best time to quality check your system.  Test your system by running it for a while to make sure it’s working properly, check any old or out of date parts that might need replacing.  Clean out the ventilation system by removing dust particles and any other debris lying inside.  Ventilation systems are rarely cleaned, which is why lots of building owners tend to find pest infestation or mold problems when cleaning their vents/ducts.  It is best to take these precautions while the temperature is in a transitioning period.  


  • Dusting

Simple and effective.  Even if you already dust on a regular basis now’s a good time to dust those harder to reach, and often ignored, areas.  

  • Flooring/Carpets

As people come in from the rainy times and wipe their feet on your carpets, dirt begins to build up.  Don’t let this grime buildup in your building; buy some strong cleaning products for your floors and a top quality vacuum for carpets. In addition to constantly maintaining floors and carpets, now is a great time to hire a professional carpet and floor cleaner to give your floors a deep clean. 

If the office has gotten out of hand this can be a good time of year to tidy up and breathe some fresh air into the workplace.  Depending on your type of business will help determine what type of cleaning takes priority. If you need extra help or an even deeper clean call SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties.  We can be reached at 501-328-3301. 

A Few Reasons to Feel Comfortable Calling Us!

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties has been serving Faulkner and Conway Counties since 2005. Our team understands what it means to be a small business and how to effectively serve our community.  We also understand that even the briefest of business closings can have catastrophic consequences. Our teams will work to get your business back up and running as soon as possible so that you can continue running operations as normal. Should your business be affected by water or fire damage our teams are Here to Help! 

Our teams are also been receiving calls about Covid-19. We have been providing our proprietary Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned cleaning protocol in and around our community in businesses, schools, and churches that have had exposure to Covid-19.  These responsible business owners and managers reached out to us, had their facilities cleaned, and were able to display the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned window decals on their doors, assuring customers that they were cleaned, are ready, and open for business! 

We’re Here to Help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week –Call SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties today at 501-328-3301 for your free inspection!

Grill Fires and How to Prevent Them

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

Summer time is here and so is outside fun! 

We all know that summertime means we are firing up those grills! We all love the smell of freshly grilled burgers and hotdogs, but be careful because you don't want those smells to be from fire damage! SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties has seen fire damage and smoke damage caused by summer celebrations. 

Did you know that according to the National Fire Protection Association that gas grills cause more than 8900 fire each year.  Grill safety is important, and being aware of a few safety tips will keep your summertime celebration from getting out of hand. Below are some tips to ensure your grill season is a safe one! 

  • Grill away from any structure.
  • Make sure your grill is stable.
  • Keep your grill clean.
  • Check for propane leaks.
  • If the flame goes out, wait five minutes before relighting.
  • Keep an eye on what is going on around the grill.
  • Be cautious when using a charcoal starter fluid.
  • Don't wear loose clothing or clothing that can dangle.
  • Be prepared to put out a fire.

If your property is affected by fire damage or smoke damage, call the trusted professionals at SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties at 501-328-3301. 

Summer Months and Water Damage

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

Hot summer season has reached us and we love to turn on the air conditioning and head to the pool. 

However, just because the risk for frozen pipes has passed, the risk of water damage still poses a threat even during the summer months. 

The extended use of air conditioning units in the summer months means, if not properly maintained, can cause drainage issues. To try and avoid this make sure to change your air filter regularly. Also having regular inspections and cleanings are also important to try and prevent  any issues in your unit from worsening. One thing that is always good to keep an eye on is the drain pan. Check to make sure water isn’t accumulating in the pan. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the potential for pipes to burst. Although burst pipes are more common during the colder months, hot summer weather can still cause this for a home or property owner. If there is any change in your water pressure than this should be inspected and you should ask why this could be happening.   While it could be simply be nothing, it could also be a sign that their is a problem that could lead to a broken pipe. It could be a result of corrosion build-up which leads to leaks and eventually a broken pipe that has affected your home or business.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is cracks appearing in the walls, especially around the corners. This could mean there are changes to your foundation, which could lead to a slab leak. 

These are a few things to watch out for in the summer months so that the summer can be enjoyed. If you have a need for an inspection or have water damage give us a call at 501-328-3301. 

Fozen Pipe Prevention and Tips

2/12/2021 (Permalink)

Freezing weather is moving into Conway and Faulkner Counties in Arkansas within the next several days and the best thing you can do is know how to keep your pipes from freezing before those below freezing temperatures hit. Frozen pipes can be preventable.  SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties wants to offer some tips on how to keep this from happening in your home or business.

How to prevent frozen pipes

Here are some recommend ways to keep your pipes from freezing.

  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing, especially if your sinks are on an exterior wall. (If you have small children, be sure to remove any harmful cleaners and household chemicals.)
  • Keep garage doors closed, especially if there are water supply lines in the garage.
  • Let the cold-water drip from a faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe—even at a trickle—helps prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature during day and night. During a cold snap it is not the time to set back the thermostat at night.
  • Seal cracks and openings around windows, doors, and at sill plates, where the house rests on its foundation.
  • If you plan to be away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your home, set to a temperature no lower than 55° F.

What to do if frozen pipes occur

If you turn on a faucet and only a trickle comes out, you may well have a frozen pipe. If a pipe has broken than turn off the water at the main shutoff valve, which is usually at the water meter or where the mainline enters the house. If the water is still running and no pipes have burst, you can take the following steps. (Of course, if you suspect a more serious problem, call a plumber.) 

  • Turn on the faucet. As you heat the frozen pipe and the ice plug begins to melt, you want the water to be able to flow through. Running water through the pipe, as cold as it is, will help melt ice in the pipe.
  • Apply heat to the section of pipe using an electric heating pad wrapped around the pipe, an electric hair dryer, or by wrapping pipes with towels soaked in hot water. As tempting as it may be, do not use a blowtorch, kerosene or propane heater, a charcoal stove, or any device with an open flame; the high heat can damage the pipes or even start a fire.
  • Apply heat until full water pressure is restored. Check all other faucets in your home to see whether you have additional frozen pipes. If one pipe freezes, others may freeze, too.

If you have had damage from frozen pipes or have questions call SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties anytime at 501-328-3301 and we can answer your questions or inspect your damage for free.

What About My Pool in Freezing Weather

2/12/2021 (Permalink)

Jet flowing in a swimming pool Keeping your jets flowing in your swimming pool during freezing temperatures

With the freezing temperatures that are moving into Arkansas in the next several days frozen pipes are a real concern, but some people might not think about the damage that can occur to their swimming pools if they have a pool that has not winterized. This can be a costly repair if these pipes crack or freeze, so the best way to keep this from happening is by prevention.

If your pool has not been winterized there is still a way to keep damage from happening to your pipes. The water needs to stay circulated. This means keeping your pump running 24 hrs a day. Also, if you have any Lumineers or jets keep those running as well.  This helps maintain a constant water temperature and keeps the water moving.  SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties is here to help if you have any questions or find you are in need of services please give us a call at 501-328-3301.

What You Can Expect From Us When A Fire Occurs

2/12/2021 (Permalink)

Soot on the floor from a fire that started in a chimney Soot damage from a fire that started in the chimney and affected the entire home.

When a fire happens in your home or business the first 48 hours is important. It can make the difference between restoring vs replacing your property and personal belongings. SERVPRO of Conway & Faulkner Counties provides timely response ranging from fire, smoot, and smoke removal to content inventory.  

Here is what you can expect from us in your home or business:

  • Within 1 hour from notice of loss a priority responder will contact you.
  • Within 4 hours of loss notification our certified technicians will be onsite to access the damage and walk you through the job process step-by-step, explaining what to expect and the anticipated outcome.
  • Within 8 hours of the on-site visit our certified technicians will begin working to preclean for restoration so no further damage from soot or smoke occurs. We will also be in close contact with your insurance adjuster if a claim has been filed.
  • Once we are finished there will be a final walk through with you and the priority responder.

If you have had a fire in your home or business, you can reach us 24 hours a day at 501-328-3301 for a free inspection and we can help you with any questions you might have.

What Your Kids Should Know When Their is a Home Fire

2/12/2021 (Permalink)

What Your Kids Need to Know About a House Fire

A house fire can happen fast and cause lots of damage in a short amount of time. Your property can be restored thanks to specialists. That is why it is more important to protect your family.

Children can get nervous or anxious when they see a fire in their home. That is why it is important to teach your children fire safety tips. You should regularly practice the below safety tips with your children. This way, they will know exactly what to do during an emergency.

Safety tips to teach your children:

  1. Roll Out of Bed
    Fires often occur while you’re sleeping. Your children should not sit up in bed while there is smoke or a blaze in their room. This could expose them to intense temperatures. When practicing your kid’s safety plan, let them know they should roll out of bed and onto the floor.
  2. Test the Doors
    Children should understand that they should place the back of their hands against a door before opening it. If the door is hot, they should stay where they are or find another way out.
  3. Crawl Through the Home
    To prevent smoke inhalation and burns, children should crawl underneath the fire. The basic crawl involves getting on all fours and keeping the nose pointed at the floor.
    If the heat from the is powerful, you should also teach your kids a crawl where they keep their legs parallel to the floor.

  4. Get to Safety If Trapped
    Your children should also know what to do when an escape is not possible. Tell them that they should get to a room with a door and a window and they should then close the door and open the window. They can then either climb out the window or yell for help.